The Limits of a Chromebook

I love my Chromebook. I write this on it now. It is nimble, light and flexible. I liken it to a razor, even the shape and color evokes the feel of a fine cutting instrument. That being said, I recently discovered why an actual laptop might be a necessity.

Web design is something I recently delved into and I find myself scrounging for low power alternatives to the rock-star that is the Adobe Creative Suite, (don’t get me started at the prohibitive costs of said Suite.) While many open source and low cost alternatives exist they are programmed for a windows or Linux Environment. While quite functional the Chrome OS is rather limited in it’s ability to handle many of the tasks I need it for. Moreover, lately it has gotten a tad sluggish, a problem I have resolved so far. Overall, I think the Chromebook is a good tool, I just think I have grown beyond the odd Facebook post, and Imgur viewing spree.

Evolution in Advertising.

I was musing on how escalation is a driving force in cultural evolution.

Allow me to grossly oversimplify here:

The traditional method of a news paper making a profit was simple. Sell a paper for what it costs to make it, and some mark up. This method worked but in an effort to make more revenue Periodicals began to accept more and more money from advertising. This model worked until the advent and expansion of the internet.

With the internet the initial investment of a magazine, or newspaper was lost. In addition, the internet could do something that newspapers couldn’t, keep up with the 24 hour news cycle.

This loss of income was offset by the introduction of more and more add space on every page. Users then sought ways to disable these ads, mainly in the form of Ad Blocking programs.

This has led to promoted content. Content that is made to look and sound like a genuine part of whatever website you are on, but is actually an advertisement.

I wonder what the next development will be if this evolutionary arms race continues? Will the line between promoted and non-promoted content begin to blur?

One answer to this phenomena is the rise in subscription based but other wise advertising free services. Netflix represents a good example, as does Pornhub, as both are taking a business that has been run primarily on advertisements simply skipping the middle man of advertising to pay for it.

Is this the future, a subscription based paradise free from advertisement? Only time will tell.

The age of the patron returns,, and are the biggest threat to the megastar, and that’s a good thing.

Amanda Palmer is my favorite artist that no one has ever heard of. I read her book, I listen to her music, and when I can I donate to her. Most people I know have something similar, like my friend Danny who is a proud backer of board games on Kickstarter, or my brother Alex who will support different YouTube channels on Patreon. Most people have what I call a pocket artist, someone who is famous to only a small group of people.

Wait what is a megastar?

Think Kanye West, Hemingway, or J.K. Rowling. Celebrities known to the vast majority of the population, and supported by  a slew of team members of their respective industries. For decades they were the gold standard. The model was simple but highly capitalistic, and made only a few people able to make a living off what they love to do.

Now thanks to people who make monthly donations, people who would have spent years working in a coffee shop, can make a living, although often a modest one, working as artists, musicians and the like.


To sum it up. It’s a good time to be a creative.

Inside out: the tyranny of joy

So last night I saw inside out. I walked in with expectations. I didn’t realize this until half way through when I decided to try and put them aside.

When I did I was struck hard by the core message of the film. Pixar taught me something. They taught me, all emotions have a place in your life.

It is a common myth that if you are not eternally joyful something is wrong. But each emotion plays a significant role in us as humans.
Anyhow small update. Having a bleh week. Thanks for reading.

The art of asking in practice

Today I asked to eat lunch before I went out to get the crew theirs. as it turns out the problem had resolved itself, but I asked. It’s then I heard her, Amanda Palmer, her voice resonating in her skull the same voice I Read her book in. I always make up a voice in my head for the narrator in the books I read, but I don’t choose how its sounds the story chooses. I almost don’t want to hear the author speak in real life after I’ve made up the thought voice. Anyhow, I heard her, and she was cheering me on, cheering me on for asking for yesterday off and for feeling my rage, my annoyance, and not just swallowing it and moving on. I am actually proud of myself for the first time in a long time.

So here we are, and I am sorry

I have been a selfish blogger. Here I am casting my words off into the void, and people are reading them and liking them, and not having the common decency to sit down and communicate. Communication is key.

I had a very odd set of beliefs in my head. These beliefs rotated around the idea that the artist and the fan had to be separate that they couldn’t mingle, like the potatoes and gravy, they were connected, but only cheap idiosyncratic artists interacted.

Oh, what a heathen I have been. If you read my blog I wanted to thank you for doing so, and I want to follow yours, and I want to read about your life,  I want to connect. I want to be there with you. So yes, I have been a fat head, but I saw the light.

Thanks, Amanda Palmer, you are changing my life.

I thought I wanted to be a famous writer, you taught me what I really wanted was to be a connected one.

PS: I am gonna upload the last post of my travel blog soon. It will be a doozy, so I am gonna do it in 2-3 bits. Stay tuned.

Sorry For the Radio Silence

I am having a really tough time lately. I took a mental health day today, saw Jurrasic World, (it was glorious by the way), and marched up to the home plate in League of Legends only to be defeated every game I played. So now I am updating this blog.

I want to start posting some stories I write on here, and also some pen/stationary reviews. Maybe a few more personal rants, but I am thinking about cutting it down to 3x a week. Thoughts?

The struggle to finish this section of the travel blog

So here I am missing many days of posting, and it all comes down to the fact I don’t know what to post as the final entries.

The trip was for 11 days not 8, but three of those days I spent without really taking many photos, or sick in a room, so it wasn’t compelling writing. I didn’t count those days as parts of my trip. It’s funny but 2.5 days of my trip were spent in Non-japan transit, so yes, that is my confession, and I am sorry if my labeling of these things was a bit off. Mostly I got confused where one day’s photos ended and another’s began.

But then back to my main issue, the issue I have with trying to end this little adventure.

Their is a haunting conversation that goes on in my head when I am about to finish things, it goes like this.

“I am almost done! I am really happy with how this turned out.”

“yeah but now what?”

“what do you mean?”

“how do you top this? Grow your fan base? Get approval?”


Approval. I find myself more and more disgusted by the idea of it. or at least the search for it. Nonetheless, the feelings of ineptitude, and fraudulence creep in, and I leave the ends loose, because god forbid I have to start again.

Where do I go from here? I don’t know. I’d love to lie to myself and be positive, but Japan was a highlight in my life, and now I find myself doing little to nothing.

I am being overly harsh. Part of me knows this, part of me is still struggling with just getting up in the morning, and dealing with that annoying voice in my head that tells me I can’t do anything.

I want to finish, and I will. I just am not ready yet. But thanks for being there. Thank you for reading. If you have it to give, please leave me some support in the comments. I could use it. Thanks.

I am slacking off

So today is one of those days, and yesterday I am slacking off. I am just tired. I am feeling strung out, and restless, I need more caffeine.

So my stock of photos from Japan is dwindling, but here I am wanting to write. Where My blog will go I don’t know but today, I am going to sip on coffee, and contemplate how much I hate cloudy weather.